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"And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11
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Change Agent

What is a change agent?  
Someone or something that impacts the status quo

People who act as catalyst for change. A change agent is fueled by passion, and inspires passion in others.
A change agent is someone who "alters" human capability or organizational systems to achieve a
higher degree of output or self actualization

Change = Bring Heaven to Earth.
Agent = Worker for God.
Network = Unified Army.
                               -Ron, California

How God Prepares Change Agents – 6 Key Factors

 1. Recruitment -  Practical Work Experience: God uses practical work experience to prepare His change agents for their ultimate assignment. God initiates a personal encounter with the change agent, often through a personal crisis.

2. Character Development God takes the change agent through a series of character tests designed to develop humility and trust.

3. Isolation Period – A time of separation from past dependencies realigns values to a biblical economy.

4. Personal Cross – God brings the change agent to experience his or her personal cross.

5. Influence – Change agents are "problem solvers” through invention and entrepreneurship.

6. Networks - change happens as a small number of change agents band together

Download the following presentations for more details:

God's Change Agent Presentation, Os Hillman

Becoming a Change Agent
6 Phases of Development
Os Hillman


The Battle of God and Satan Priesthoods  

The Strength of your personal prayer altar = Authority and confidence of your spiritual walk = your power to INFLUENCE men & women.

Increase your personal prayer time behind the scene
to increase your personal influence as a change agent.

This Is WAR! The battle of priesthoods
Which altar is more powerful?
Which priesthood is stronger?
Which god is more powerful?

In Israel
     Elijah Vs Baals priests
     Jehovah Vs Baal
     Jehovah (Ark) vs Dagon
In Egypt
     Moses vs Pharaoh
     David vs Goliath

Taking over territories involves establishing prayer altars.
The Holy Priesthood verses Evil Priesthood.

Mutually exclusive: either one or the other. One eliminates the other
-      You are their target.

The Battle to take nations, is a battle between the gods, the priesthood/their altars & the law.


Kings & Priests 

1. We are Priests & Kings:                        Exo 19:5,6 1Pet 2:9 Rev 1:5,6.

2. As priests, we relate, commune, intercede, worship the Lord. We represent sinful people before a holy God. The key word is access. We are a bride. Eph 5:25

3. As Kings we acquire territory, conquer territory, expand territory; adjudicate, govern, manage, administer, rule, legislate & transform the earth. We deal with the devil.

We are an army. Eph 6:10 Thrones are empowered by altars.  The stronger the altar, the more powerful the throne (authority).

The stronger the throne, the greater the influence. The stronger the influence, the greater the following.

The currency in this realm is influence.  The Church's influence over a nation is limited or strengthened by her altar.

We have authority to displace territorial principalities.  It is our covenant right from Abraham Gen 22:17,Jesus gave us that right Mat 16:16  

The saints must be taught how to occupy and faithfully use supernatural power to rule territory

Download Uganda Bishop Joshua's complete presentation
The call is open to invite others interested in sharing the spiritual and self-development path to wealth creation.

Uganda Bishop Joshua Transforming Communities & Nations Presentation 

 Strategy to Disciple Nations  



Write Your Positive Affirmations

Affirmation is a declaration that something is true

You can use "Positive Affirmations," which are usually short positive statements targeted at a specific subconscious set of beliefs, to challenge and undermine negative beliefs and to replace them with positive self-nurturing beliefs.

Download the following presentations for more details:
1) Business Affirmations
2) Biblical Affirmations, doc.
3) Daily Affirmations download .pdf
Positive Affirmations Presentation


Strategic Global Business Vision

Vision:   Ecommerce Business in every home and office

“Exclusive Surge365 Travel Club Membership for Home and Business"

Mission:  Empower ordinary people to achieve an extraordinary "Quality of Life.

Why We Exist:  Provide Hope, Happiness, Health and Wealth -- More abundant life for all.

Goal & Objectives: Job Creation - 100,000 Global  Surge365 Business Associates (SBAs)

Strategy to Revitalize Communities:

    - Training & Education
    - Moral Virtue
    - Economic Organization & Job Creation
    - Internet Fundraising & Business Growth Strategies
    - Corporate Social Responsibility

Values:   Loyalty, Integrity, Communication, Competence, Tenacity, Community, and Teamwork

Guiding Principles for Team Members: 

o   Achieve time and money freedom.

o   Live your passion.

o   Receive $1,000 - $12,000 monthly bonuses & benefits.  

o   Qualify for Car Program.
o   Qualify for Directors Benefits Program.
o   Build a solid residual income.

Join Our Weekly Spiritual Call

The call is open to invite others interested in sharing the spiritual and self-development path to wealth creation.

Mondays, 9p ET, 8p CT, 7p MT, 6p PT

Call 857-232-0159, Pin: 142713
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